Sugared Pecans

Sugared Pecans for Christmas

1/2 cup butter, (1 stick) melted
2 egg whites - room temperature
1 cup sugar
dash of salt
4 cups (1 pound bag) of good quality pecan halves (I get the Delta Gamma ones from Georgia right before the holidays - yum!)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Beat egg whites at room temperature until soft peaks form.  Gradually add in sugar and salt, beating until very stiff.  Fold in pecans.  Spread pecan mixture in greased pan, (use some melted butter).  Drizzle the remaining butter as evenly as possible over pecans.  Bake at 325 for 30-35 minutes, tossing and turning pecans about every 10 minutes or so to allow the pecans to brown evenly.  When finished, the nuts should be browned and all butter is absorbed.  Remove nuts and cool on wax paper.  Store in airtight container.  These are great to just eat, for hostess gifts (I wowed my then future mother-in-law with these years ago, and are fantastic on Christmas salads as a crunchy, sweet topping.