The Wegman's Worshipper!

How do I love thee, Wegmans?  Let me count the ways!

1.  Wegmans sells gourmet pizza by the slice for lunch.  This is taco - Susan got the grilled eggplant and ate it before we pulled into the driveway!
2.  You can buy these Gerbera Daisies in the flower shop at Wegmans, for about $2.50.  I've had this one over a week.  The come in all colors, are so cheerful, and last for over a week!  Best money for decorating I've ever spend!

3.  Bialys.  Just look!  A loaded bagel - good only on special occasions, of course.

4. What can't you make with a Wegman's roaster chicken?  and it's only $5.49!
Wegmans Whole Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Garlic
5.  Wegmans Ancient Grain Bread with CranberriesCranberry bread with whole grains, and all the other seasonal breads.

6.  Decorated doughnuts for Christmas! 

7.  The Wegman's Magazine - recipes and coupons inside!

Wegman's Basting Oil.  Cooking magic in a bottle!
9.  Wegman's Pan Searing flour - perfect!

10.  Wegmans flavored butters (in the dairy section)


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